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1. Identity and General Description

Name of Laboratory : Central Laboratory of VITUKI Plc., Research Institute for Enviroment Protection and Water Management
Address : 4. Aga Str.
City / State : Budapest
Country : Hungary
Postal Code : 1113
Telephone : +36 (1) 2090949
Fax : +36 (1) 2090949
E-mail : Contact us
Web Site : http://www.vituki.hu
Contact Person : Dr. Bal√°zs KESZLER

Type of Laboratory : Public / Governmental : Yes
Private : No
Research Center : No
Function of the Laboratory : The Laboratory collects samples of environmental matrices as: contaminated soil, water, wastewater, sewage, sludge, condensed organic and inorganic micro-compounds and wastes. The laboratory cans also perfom on site sampling and measurements of soild, gas and vapor phase samples from stack emissions. The routine analytical procedures of the Laboratory are determinations of physical-chemical properties of wastes, sewage, soils, water, watewater, sludge, condensed organic and inorganic micro-compounds, gas and vapor phase samples from air polluting emissions, and their anionic components. The Laboratory is ready for the analysis of samples containing traces of dioxin and dibenzo-furan compounds. The Labotratory also performs routine analysis of environmental samples containing PAH, HCB and PCB compounds, organchlorine pesticides and other organic pollutants. One of the main areas of its activities has been to provide the technical-scientific basis for the decisions of the Ministry forEnvironment Protection and water Management in analytical field and to elaborate, promote the application and spreading of up to date environmental analytical methods. The Laboratory is able to develop new analytical methods to detect new polluting materials.
Total Size (in square meters) : 467
Dedicated to POPs Analysis : 90
Does the laboratory offer services to national and international customers ? : Yes
How long has the laboratory been operational (year) : 1982
Experience with POPs analysis since (starting year) : Pesticides : 1999
PCB : 1999
PCDD/PCDF : 1999