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1. Identity and General Description

Name of Laboratory : Estonian Environmental Research Centre
Address :
City / State : Tallinn
Country : Estonia
Postal Code : 10617
Telephone : +372 6112964
Fax : +372 6112901
E-mail : Contact us
Web Site : htttp://www.klab.ee
Contact Person : Dr. Ott ROOTS

Type of Laboratory : Public / Governmental : Yes
Private : No
Research Center : No
Function of the Laboratory : The Estonian Research Centre (EERC) is specialised in chemicals analysis in the field of environment protectionand provides a comprehensive range of analysis, all made in compliance with international standards. EERC facilities are well-equipped, enabling precise determination of environmentally dangerous substances in different samples types. The Centre is accreditated by the German accreditation bureau Deutsches Akkreditierunssystem Prüfwesen GmbH (DAP) (Reg. no DAP-PL-3131.00) and the Estonian Standard Board (Reg. no L008). It is also licencied by the Estonian Ministry of Environment to perform environmental impact assessments. Cente registered under Ministry of Education and Science Register of Scientific and Development under No. 85 (Decree No. 1218, 14.11.2002). Organization: Estonian Environmental Research Institute (initiated July 1, 2005). Laboratory of Environmental Chemical Analysis: - Water Analysis; - Instrumental Analysis (POPs, HM, others) Air Laboratory Field Work Team Department of Soil Analyses and Geotechnics Methodology Department Filials in Rapla, Jõhvi and Pärnu.
Total Size (in square meters) : 14689
Dedicated to POPs Analysis :
Does the laboratory offer services to national and international customers ? : Yes
How long has the laboratory been operational (year) : 1974
Experience with POPs analysis since (starting year) : Pesticides : 1991
PCB : 1991
PCDD/PCDF : 2002