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12   Indicative List of Most Important Publications

Dang Thi Cam Ha, Mai Anh Tuan, Nguyen Quoc Viet, Trinh Khac Sau, Olaf Papke, Nguyen Thi SanhBiodegradation of 2,3,7,8-TCDD by anaerobic and aerobic microcosms collected from bioremediation treatments for cleaning up dioxin contaminated soils2004Organohalgen Compounds, Vol. 66, pp. 3695-3701
Trinh Khac Sau, Nghiem Xuan Truong, Do Ngoc Khue, Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Nguyen Thi ThuThe adsorption efficiency of PCDDs/PCDFs from aqueous solution on activated carbons2006Organohalgen Compounds, Vol. 68, pp. 2341-2342
Boivin T.G., Le K.S., Dwernychuk L.W., Tran M.H., Bruce G.S., Minh N.H., Tran N.T., Trinh K.S., Phung T.D., et al.Agent orange dioxin contamination in the environment and human population in the vicinity of Danang airbase, Vietnam2007Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 69, pp. 576-579
Son Le K., Sau Trinh K., Net Nguyen X., Truong Nghiem X., et al.Contamination status and distribution of dioxin residue in three airbases in south Vietnam2007Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 69, pp. 881-883
Sau TK, Truong NX, Hung LB, Khue DN, Net NX, Son LK, Tuan NT, Dung NTThe characteristics of dioxin pollution in hotspot area and the adsorption isotherms on the activated carbons2008Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 70, pp. 554-557
Khue D.N., Duong P.S., Cuong P.K., Minh D.B., Thiep T.V., Sau T.K., Truong N.X.Studying the use possibility of consumable mushroom cultivating humus to 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T and 2,3,7,8-TCDD2008Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 70, pp. 2340-2343
Sau TK., Truong N.X, Hung L.B, Khue D.N, Hien L.MThe effect of PCDDs/PCDFs adsorption from solution on activated carbons-Adsorption isotherms research2009Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 71, pp. 68-73
Sau TK., Truong N., Hung L.Evaluating ability of applying Vietnamese wood-based activated carbon in PCDDs/PCDFs analysis2010Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 72, pp.72-75
Sau TK., Dung N., Khue D.Relationship between porous structural parameters and PCDDDs/PCDFs adsorption ability of activated carbons2010Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 72, pp.349-352
Nghiem T., Trinh S., Nguyen N., Le H., Nguyen H., Do H., Nguyen H.Study and differentiate dioxin from herbicide used in Vietnam war and that created from other wastes2010Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 72, pp.896-901
Sau TK., Truong NX., Van Bavel B., Lindstrom G., Fiedler H., Lahoutifard N.Development of dioxin/furan analysis method for congeners of dioxin-like PCBs2011Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 73, pp.764-767
Sau TK, Thu NT, Dung NTEvaluating applied capacity of polyurethane foam filter in passive air sampling for analysis of PCDDs/PCDFs2013Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 75, pp.418-421
Sau TK, Truong NXApplying the passive air sampler with polyurethane foam filter for seasonal monitoring PCDDs/PCDFs2013Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 75, pp.422-425
Truong NX, Sau TK, Tuan NT, Dung NT, Thu NT, Hue ND, Huy DQ, Kien NTStudy, synthesize zeolite from coal fly ash of thermal-power plant and evaluate their dioxin adsorption capacity2013Organohalogen Compounds, Vol. 75, pp.508-512
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