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12   Indicative List of Most Important Publications

Nguyen Q. T. Application of HPLC for Pesticide Analysis.1986Plant Protection Bulletin, No. 1:28~31.
Nguyen Q. T.; Bui S. D. and Tran Q. H.Residue Analysis of Methyl Parathion and Sumithion Pesticides by HPLC.1989Scientific Bulletin of Universities, Natural Resources and Environment, p. 16~22.
Nguyen Q. T.; Bui S. D. and Nguyen X. D.Solid Phase (SPE) for Determination of Pesticide Traces in Water.1992Journal of Chemistry Journal of Chemistry, V. 30, No. 4:51~54.
Nguyen Q. T. and Lam N. T.The Optimization of Liquid-Liquid Extraction for Trace Analysis of Pesticides in Water.1993Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 31, No. 1:17~21.
Nguyen Q. T. and Lam N. T.The Studies of Adsorption of Methyl Parathion Pesticides in Cultural Soil.1993Proceedings of 2nd National Congress on Chemistry, 12, p. 31.
Nguyen Q. T. and Lam N. T.The Studies of Adsorption and Movement of Methyl Parathion Pesticides in Cultural Soil.1993Journal of Chemistry, V. 31, No. 4:32~35.
Nguyen Q. T. and Pham B. Q.The Effect of Bacteria to Degradation of 2,4-D Pesticide in Soil.1993Scientific Bulletin of Universities, Environment Science, 84~87.
Pham B. Q.; Lam N. T. and Nguyen Q. T.Analytical Technique for Pesticide Residues and drafting the Environment Standards for them.1994Journal of Scientific Activities, No. 6.
Dang D. N.; Carvalho F. D.; Nguyen M. A.; Nguyen Q. T.; Nguyen T. H. Y.; Villeneuve J. P. and Cattini C. Chlorinated Pesticides and PCBs in sediment and molluscs from freshwater canals in the Hanoi Region.2001Environmental Pollution, 112:311-320.
Nguyen Q. T.; Hoang D. T. and Phan N. T.A Contamination of Pesticides and Preservation Chemicals in Fruit in Hanoi Market.2003Journal of Chemistry, T.41, Vol.1:120-124.
Nguyen Q. T.Qualitative and Quantitative of Pesticide Residues and Preservation Chemicals in Fruit by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy.Journal of Chemistry, T.42, V.4:453-458.
Nguyen V. D.; Ngo H. D. and Nguyen Q. T.Study on the Method of Determination of Paraquat in Water by Second-order Derivative Spectrophotometry.2005Journal of Analytical Science, T.10, Vol.2:63-66.
Nguyen Q. T. et. all.Annual Reports of Control Cholorinated Pesticides and Toxic Compounds in Water and Sediment of the Beginning of Red River and Lo River.2004National Environmental Monitoring Program from 1996 to 2004, National Protection Agency. (The program is continuosly)
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