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12   Indicative List of Most Important Publications

Muir, D.C.G. and J. de BoerToxaphene: analytical chemistry1993Chemosphere 27, 1827-1834.
Boer, J. de, H.-J. de Geus and U.A.Th. BrinkmanMultidimensional gas chromatographic analysis of toxaphene1997Environ. Sci. Technol. 31, 873-879
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Leeuwen, S.P.J. van, J. de BoerExtraction and clean-up strategies for the analysis of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances in environmental and human matrices.2007J. Chromatogr. A, 1153, 172-185
Leeuwen, S.P.J. van, R. van Cleuvenbergen, M. Abalos, A.-L. Pasini, U. Eriksson, M. Cleemann, J. Hajslova, J. de BoerNew certified and candidate reference materials for the analysis of PCBs, PCDD/Fs, OCPs and BFRs in the environment and food2006Trends Anal. Chem. 25, 397-409
Wells, D.E., J. de BoerEvaluation of the quality of measurement of organochlorine contaminants in the marine environment: the QUASIMEME experience2006Trends Anal. Chem. 25, 350-363
Boer, J. de, R.J. LawDevelopments in the use of chromatographic techniques in marine laboratories for the determination of halogenated contaminants and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons2003J. Chromatogr. A 1000, 223-251
Loco, J. van, S. van Leeuwen, P. Roos, S. Carbonelle, J. de Boer, L. Goeyens, H. BeernaertThe international validation of bio and chemical screening methods for dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs: The DIFFERENCE project round 1 and 22004Talanta 63, 1169-1182
Boer, J. de and E. McGovernCertified reference materials for organic contaminants for use in monitoring of the aquatic environment. 2001Trends Anal. Chem. 20, 140-159
Boer, J. de, W.P. CofinoFirst world-wide interlaboratory study on polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs).2002Chemosphere 46, 625-633
Geus, H.-J. de, H. Besselink, A. Brouwer, J. Klungsøyr, B. McHugh, E. Nixon, G.G. Rimkus, P.G. Wester and J. de BoerEnvironmental occurrence, analysis and toxicology of toxaphene. 1999Environ Health Persp. 107 suppl 1, 115-144
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Wells, D.E., J. de Boer, L.G.M.T. Tuinstra, L. Reutergårdh and B. GriepinkImprovements in the analysis of chlorobiphenyls prior to the certification of seven CBs in two fish oils1988Fresenius Z. Anal. Chem. 332, 591-597
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